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Cyber Security Awareness


In October 2015, the Office for National Statistics reported that 2.5 million incidents of cyber crime were reported in a year. These attacks were not simply targeting large, multinational corporations. These attacks were also targeted at small to medium enterprises as well as individuals. This worrying data shows the risk of all businesses to being a target to cybercime. Impacts of a successful attack include loss of profits, loss of customer trust and reputational damage. It could even result in regulatory or legal action.

This module provides a one-stop shop for cybersecurity awareness for all levels of an organisation. The module outlines threats facing firms and how best to prevent the materialising of an attack. The module also provides an overview of the obligations of financial services professionals in order to comply with local laws and regulations.

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About the author

Ronnie Isherwood
Ronnie Isherwood is a technologist and public speaker who has been awarded for writing about IT security. He is co-author of a technology book helping administrators plan, build, implement, and enhance IT and security compliance policies. He has also written for Microsoft on topics including designing, deploying and monitoring enterprise systems and hybrid cloud computing. As well as authoring, he is technical editor for a various technology books and major industry courses targeted at senior engineers, infrastructure administrators and specialist. Topics include service, operation and configuration management, and for Windows Server courses for Microsoft Learning Partners.

Ronnie co-owns JE3.COM, the island's newest fast-growing IT company helping clients with a broad range of IT products and services. At JE3 he specialises in virtualisation, systems management, compliance, data protection, endpoint protection, disaster recovery and authentication. Ronnie founded Jersey Techfair, is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Digital Business Committee and is Chairman of the Chartered Institute for IT (Jersey).