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Competition Law


All businesses in the UK must comply with the Competition Law and there are serious consequences for both companies and directors where they are found to be infringing the law. In recent years there have been a number of high-profile cases in both the UK and United States involving banks breaching competition law rules. Following the recent review of competition issues in the UK and the increased emphasis placed on competition issues by the Financial Conduct Authority and other agencies globally, it is more essential than ever that individuals are aware of their responsibilities.

Financial services businesses need to be aware of the risks and the penalties for infringing the various competition laws across the world. This easy-to-use e-Learning module gives users an extensive overview of UK Competition Law and helps ensure staff are aware of Competition Law implications around the world.

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Hamilton Consultants Limited
Hamilton Consultants Limited is a Jersey-based company, providing regulatory and Competition Law consultancy services. Its services include Competition Law enforcement, Competition Law compliance, mergers and acquisitions and regulation.

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